Nour was born in Moscow where she began her studies of choreography at the age of 8. She was focused upon folk dances from Uzbeck, Tadjick, and Azerbaijan. As time passed, her achievements in dancing were so good that she became the queen of Raqs Sharqi. “When I came to Egypt, joy and expectations vanished because I faced many problems of local show business. It wasn’t easy at all, but coming out on stage, I felt happy and I felt a real contact with audience. That's why I forgot all about my difficulties. My parents were also with me, helping and advising. But fortunately, in a time of trouble, God sent me my future husband, a Syrian singer, Yasser, who is a fanatic of the art like myself. He helped me to overcome all the difficulties and defended me against dishonest and unfair people. He sacrificed his career of a singer for some time because the career of a dancer is very limited in time,” remembers Nour. At present, Nour lives and works in Cairo. She has performed (in different years) almost in all of the 5-star hotels in Cairo, but her true concert activity in Egypt takes place at weddings. The wedding is a special ritual for Egyptians. One or several famous singers and artists are invited to perform at weddings, depending on the income of the families involved. For a belly dancer, the work at the wedding is more honorable in Egypt than work in restaurants and nightclubs. A dancer’s name recognition and reputation is created by her performances at weddings.

In Cairo, Nour became acquainted with a dancer and choreographer named Raqia Hassan. Presently, Nour is very famous in Egypt; she is often invited to appear on television programs, gives interviews for local papers and magazines, takes parts in films and video clips, and gives charity concerts. Now openly we can say that Nour is one of the first stars of Egypt. “I’m very happy with my life in Egypt now, and I don’t feel any pressure from Egyptians. On the contrary they are very surprised to learn that I’m Russian!