Yaseer Alswery
Originally from Syria, Aleppo, a place from which many of greatest Syrian singers emerged.Yasser performs numerous concerts all over the world mainly in weddings, parties, concerts, Gala-shows, festivals, etc. together with his wife, famous Egyptian dancer, Nour, they present an exception performance of authentic singing and dance. He had many important concerts and collaboration with his colleagues: George Wassuf, Nagwa Karam, Aasy Khilyany, Nour Mhanna. He was invited to perform at “Meridian-Damascus” in Syria, from there the path to captivate Eygptian audience was short.

His flourishing career led him to Egypt, Where he performed in prestigious hotels and public places as “Sheraton-Heliopolis”, “Marriott”, “Sheraton-Cairo” , Maryland, Sun-set, Happy-Dolphin etc. Yasser participated in International singing competition in Cairo and won second prize there. As Yasser concerts increased in Egypt he put his efforts to established the “Foreign artists of Egypt Association” (later named “Egyptian Artists’ association”). The founding work was demanding and took much of Yasser time. Especially after legislating a new rule that prohibited foreign dancers’ performances in Egypt. Today Yasser is the president of International Association of Artists in Egypt.