Tamalyn Dallal
Crowned "Miss America of the Bellydance", Tamalyn has trained and mentored of some of the world's top belly dancers and continues to spread education and love for this beautiful art form.

Tamalyn Dallal has done nearly everything in her 38 year Middle Eastern dance career. One of Tamalyn's early Middle Eastern dance teachers was the famous New Orleans artist "Habeba" who was a household name during the 1970's. She took Tamalyn, a teenager with talent, but little money under her wing. Having begun her dance training in 1976, Ms. Dallal was ready to go pro six years later. To this day, the top dancers Tamalyn has trained, Amar Gamal, Bozenka, Virginia, Hanan, and many others have successfully spread their wings, opening dance schools, forming part of the Bellydance Superstars, touring, or doing theater-dance projects after six years under Tamalyn's tutelage. She was one of the original "Bellydance Superstars", has written three books, produced two music CD's of Africa's oldest band, the "Ikhwan Safaa Musical Club of Zanzibar", and currently films ethnological dance documentaries; Zanzibar Dance, Trance and Devotion, was completed in 2011. "Ethiopia Dances for Joy", was released in 2013.