Petite Jamilla
With an award winning style that escapes definition, and talent that is inescapable, this Southern Beauty has been bellydancing her entire life, and charming her way across the world.

Petite Jamilla has been belly dancing for 26 years and teaching belly dance for 11 years. As a child, Petite Jamilla trained more in Polynesian style dance than any other form, being a student of the much respected Rebecca Menandic (Merced/Modesto California) and Lea Kaimminga (Palmdale California). PJ initially learned belly dance from her Folkloric specialized mother who was also in the business, Jamilla Rasa. PJ continued her training by taking workshops with: Aisha Ali, Artemis, Mesmera, Shoshonna, Suhair Zuhaika, Karen Barbee, Marta Schill, Judeen, and more... By the young age of 15, PJ found herself teaching belly dance at the University of Alabama's Continuing Education Program. She began teaching workshops 13 years ago and earned the respect of the south eastern US belly dancing community where she then was able to release 2 independent instructional dvd's all before the age of 19. PJ became co-owner of her her mothers' belly dance import store where she traveled around touring (performing, teaching, taking lessons, and vending merchandise). Zaghareet magazine recognized Petite Jamilla's talents on two occasions making her traveling experience a featured story in 2004 as well as awarding her the Best Kept Secret Award in 2006. With 11 years of teaching under her belt, Petite Jamilla's ability to reach even the most novice dancer makes her one of the most respected instructors in her field.