Working hard to help
unbind your soul.

Without our sheer love of dance we could never exist. Every day, we wake up excited to go to work because we get to share our passion for dance with countless others.

Our mission is simple. Provide dancers
the best platform to enrich their art.

Dance is individualism at its finest. Its meaning unique to us all. Its purpose profound to the dancer. It is the ultimate form of liberation from the shackles of conformity. A dancer is never freer than when he/she dances and their body flows with the music. Their soul and body united in its pursuit of oneself. At BDC our mission is simple to provide the dancers with the best platform to enrich their love of dance and unite the cultures of the world through the universal language of dance.

“Dance is the ultimate form of liberation
from the shackles of conformity“

Delivering the best stages for dancers.

There’s a reason we work so hard to build the most incredible venues for dancers. You work for years to perfect your expression through the movements of your body. We admire that dedication profoundly. Building world-class stages and venues to showcase your love of the art is the least we can do to help enhance your movements.
The stage is merely a physical platform on which you share your art with the world. You are the star. The director and actor. The student and teacher. We merely want to help you proclaim your masterpiece in the best possible light.

2013 Conference Evening Shows & Stage

Designed and build by one of the world’s top stage designers and lighting directors our Grand Stage in our 2013 was a sight to behold. In 2014, we plan on making it even better.

Uniting incredible teachers
with passionate students.

We don’t only bring the biggest names to our teaching events, we bring the best teachers. There’s a big difference between being a star dancer and being an outstanding dance teacher. Our teams work very closely with our teachers to help them reach new students and perfect their own teaching methods. From organizing workshops around the world to sharing their teaching videos we want our teachers to be as invested a student’s dance education as we are in a student’s growth and satisfaction. That's why.

Bridging nations with the universal
language of dance.

One of our greatest joys lies in the fact that our events draws an incredibly diverse and international crowd. Every year we observe as hundreds of dancers make life-long bonds with other dancers from a part of the world totally alien to them. Not only are friendships formed but the dance evolves. We watch as a great dancer from France learns some new styles from her new Indian dancer friend and later that night incorporates those moves into her style. Thus our dancers leave our events having made new international connections and learning new styles to fuse with their dance moves. Besides hanging and dancing with such a culturally diverse crowd is so much fun.

Loving dance so much we
do it on our conference table.

We are a young, energetic, and passionate team who loves all things dance. We work long hours 365 days a year to create incredible dance related events for dance lovers of the world. Our team of over 28 comes from 7 nations and together we speak 12 languages. We want to help spread the art and joys of dance with countless others and unite them on a common platform.